Hello!  It's Kate here from TRU.

The TRU-th about life is that its way too short not to feel awesome - daily!  

But the TRU-th tells us that there are so many distractions that get in the way of us putting ourselves first and doing the things we need to feel grounded, energised and aware every day.

The third TRU-th here is that there is an answer.. and its an easy one.

Start your day drinking 500ml of warm water + 1/2 a lemon + 1 scoop of TRU Celtic


You've just been asleep for (hopefully) 7 - 9 hours.  Have you been drinking water that whole time?  Super unlikely!  So when you wake up, your body and your mind are dehydrated.  Drinking coffee straight up only dehydrates you further.  This can leave you feeling foggy, heavy and tired.

Boosting your water intake and combining it with TRU Celtic first up helps to rehydrate your body, while flooding it with naturally occurring essential minerals already found with our blend of Celtic sea salt, organic ginger and ceylon cinnamon.

Need more convincing?

  • Its super quick and easy - add 1 small scoop to 1 glass of water and drink (lemon is optional)
  • Its so easy you don't have to think about it - wake up, drink, repeat
  • TRU Celtic is all natural and hand made - it has NO additives of any kind, is gluten and lactose free plus vegan and paleo friendly - absolutely NO hidden nasties or processes
  • Its one small action that puts you first at the start of your day
Want to know more?  Check out the full list of benefits of TRU.
Speaking from first hand experience, introducing salty lemon water into your morning will revitalise you and prepare you for a strong, fulfilling day ahead.

So go on, put yourself first, its your morning after all.

Kate x