TRU Celtic aims to help you achieve balance, by assisting you in flushing harmful toxins which can build up in your body over time.
We combine all-natural and organic ingredients to bring you a gentle cleanse, which fits into your daily life with ease.
We’re 100% Australian-owned and operate in Sydney, where each bag of  TRU is carefully blended and prepared.
We’re passionate about making people feel their best in simple ways, and that’s why we've set out to share our Purist's Cleanse and the TRU daily ritual with you.
Taking TRU is like throwing a little pebble into the ocean. It's small and easy to do, however it sends out ripples, far and deep - ripples of change that move your body towards balance and equilibrium.
Only natural, unadulterated and unprocessed ingredients are blended together to leave you feeling gently cleansed over time, through the effects and benefits of high-quality minerals and natural elements. 
Go on, throw the little pebble and create some ripples.


The primary source of goodness in the TRU Celtic Purist's Cleanse is pure Celtic Sea Salt harvested just off the coastline of France. It is carefully harvested by hand using wooden tools so it remains unadulterated, untainted and unchanged in its composition. 
We then combine the pure, mineral richness of our Celtic Sea Salt with just the right amount of Organic Ginger and Organic Ceylon Cinnamon to achieve inner balance through the nourishment bestowed by the minerals and properties found within these abundant natural ingredients. 
TRU boasts NO additives of any kind, is Vegan friendly and Paleo friendly - absolutely NO hidden nasties or processes - just what you would expect from The Purveyors of Pure .
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TRU Celtic Cleanse has been designed for daily use and is a little ritual with big benefits. 
It's quick to prepare and fits easily into your morning. Simply follow the steps below, stir and drink on an empty stomach.
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