Kick start your mornings, naturally

One small scoop, big benefits!

Here's the TRU-th...

You need a morning routine.


It helps clear your mind and energise your body in preparation for your day


A morning routine is a little ritual you do every, single morning that puts yourself and your body first


First, buy yourself some Tru Celtic.

Second, every morning you wake up, add 1 scoop of TRU Celtic + 1/2 a lemon to 500ml of warm water.

Third, drink the whole thing before you eat your breakfast.

Why should I do this?

TRU Celtic contains a blend of Celtic sea salt, organic ginger and ceylon cinnamon that provides numerous trace minerals your body needs for its daily optimal functioning of the most important processes, including digestion, hydration and detoxification.

Say goodbye to brain fog, improve your digestion and overall energy levels.

Who would've thought these benefits could come from simply drinking more water with a sprinkle of our salt...

TRU Celtic

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No nasties

We pride ourselves in combining only the finest, natural, unrefined ingredients, with no preservatives, additives or heavy metal pollutants making it gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan and paleo friendly

Hand made

Our products are hand made and proudly 100% Australian owned and operated

Nourishing from the inside, out

Our blend contains trace minerals that your body needs for optimal functioning of your body’s most important processes, including digestion, hydration and detoxification


Our blend is so tasty it adds flavour to your water and any meal, both sweet and savoury!

As the owner of a personal training company, I love recommending TRU Celtic to all our clients. Not only does it give them the essential minerals they need on a daily basis but also helps with hydration and digestion - 2 things most people struggle with.

Karl McKenna, Founder of Vitruvian Health, Sydney's Premier Personal Training Company

I love the flavour of TRU Celtic. It makes drinking water in the morning SO much easier!


TRU Celtic sprinkled on some dark chocolate and a scoop of peanut butter? Now you're talking my language!!